5 Best Android Applications in 2014

The popular Android, present in many popular brands of cell phones and tablets platform has become a real alternative to Apple’s iOS, as many developers have been working on the creation of thousands of Apps (applications), to the extent that now nobody can say that it is better to have an iPhone or an iPad just for the availability of Apps.

Available on the market all kinds of applications for Android, many of them are free or at least have a free version. But there are professional quality Apps that can turn a simple cell phone into a multifunctional super-tool. But what are the Best Android Applications 2014? Considering its popularity and usefulness, I dare to show the top 5 Apps of 2014 and I’m sure most will agree with me completely.

  1. Flipboard

This is a great application to enjoy your time. It is an electronic magazine tailored according to your preferences and because it links to your social networks. With this Application you can catch up on what’s happening in the world on topics that interest you, then “pull” the relevant Major news content generation sources, such as BBC, USA Today, The Country, and so on. In addition also “pulls” the relevant news from your social networks and you can interact with them from this same App. Flipboard has become one of the popular apps and is sure one of those applications you should try it!

  1. mSpy – Cellular Monitoring Program

My second choice is based on the popularity of the application, and its versatility and usefulness. It’s a great tool to monitor and audit the activity of a cell. mSpy is a monitor and locator cell that is installed on the phone to keep an accurate record of computer activity: calls, messages (SMS, Facebook Chat, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber), emails, browsing history in Internet photos and videos, and equipment location through GPS. Also allows you to block certain distance pages and apps. The application is very easy to install and is completely transparent, ie, no one can know what is installed on your computer, except one who did the installation.

This app is invaluable for companies, for example, because it allows them to know precisely the location of employees using cellular company, so that you may benefit more strategic use of resources of the company. In addition, it also becomes a tool that audits in real time activities of employees, identifying when they perform activities that are regarded as breach of trust or activities that are harmful to the company artfully. mSpy app is a must to maintain supervision over children without the need to frequently be bugging you with questions and application threats. With mSpy installed in each cell of your children, you’ll know where they are, what type of activities performed, how people are interacting, what websites they visit, so …

At first glance it may seem invasive being checking your kids, but the truth is that our times require that parents leave them “loosening the reins” their children gradually but without losing control and supervision of their activities. mSpy can be the difference between a happy and secure childhood and adolescence, and full of pitfalls and dangers for which there is no one to prevent early. mSpy is an application that already has thousands of satisfied customers and itself is free, but well worth paying for the value you get.

  1. Juice Defender – Battery Saver

When we talk about smartphones, the battery consumption is always a problem: we never have enough charge for anything we wanted to be doing. Juice Defender is a free application that just comes to save this great dilemma of our battery consumption. With an intuitive and comprehensive interface, we can take control of the way we handled our cellular energy resources, avoiding unnecessary waste.

We can be programmed from the way certain applications trigger the use of the device, up conditions and schedules for activation and deactivation functions typically consume a lot of energy, such as Wi-Fi radio and 2G / 3G.It is no coincidence that the number of downloads have been made of this app, and the amount of positive feedback we are receiving. You must have it!

  1. Line

Applications include communications; Line has quickly become a favorite and fastest growing, now present in 231 countries and over 410 million users. It is an excellent free alternative to Whatsapp.

Line is an app that lets you make calls, video calls, send messages, pictures and videos through your Internet connection (recommended to have hired a plan for unlimited internet with your phone company, otherwise their use will generate a cost for data transfer).This amazing app is completely free and you can even use it to create your own social network, gathering friends to exchange pictures, videos and comments.

  1. Bad Piggies

There is no doubt that Angry Birds is a milestone in the history of mobile gaming. Bad Piggies is a modified version of the game created by the same developers, and it rolls on Story Line, but now from the perspective of the pigs. This game has become a favorite of many people, who consider it an enhanced version of its predecessor: Angry Birds.

What your best applications for Android this year? Share this list with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or your another social media networks. Happy searching & Browsing!


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