7 Android apps to download in 2014

If you don’t know what suit apps to download on your new Android device, here are a few ideas. These are our favorite applications for these brand new Android smartphones that I have. All are among the most downloaded of Google Play in 2013.

camera_zoom_fxCamera ZOOM FX: When the camera takes advantage of our mobile, this is the most complete application. In addition to all filters, frames and effects to which are accustomed Instagram and something look a like, have image stabilization, improved digital zoom, voice trigger (more comfortable than the timer) . There are several free versions with only a few functions and the full costs 2 €.

Swiftkey-appSwiftKey: The world’s most downloaded predictive keyboard. In addition to providing writing, its auto complete learns as you type, so it is not only able to complete the word you’re typing, but the whole sentence. There is a free trial for a month and the full version costs 4 €.

Minube-AppMinube: It becomes a very effective mix more complete travel guide and social network, but four square style. You can find and share any part of any part of the world with it. Besides, it’s free.

Duolingo-appDuolingo: It is considered the best implementation of Google Play to learn English. Besides all that we could find in a regular English course, you can turn it into a game: we lose our lives for incorrect answers, leveling up, etc. It’s free.

Pushbullet-AppPushbullet: The main feature of this app is that it allows us to receive on your computer (or other device) which alerts us to reach mobile. This includes calls, messages whatsapps, calendar reminders. never again have to be aware of the phone while we are doing something on the PC. Besides this, allows transferring files between devices via Wi-Fi so comfortable. It’s free.

Runtastic-AppRuntastic: Born as a “personal trainer” when jogging, but has become a phenomenon. Besides the classic version that calculated by GPS run and how does calorie calculations and others, a number of my associates for any type of workout you want: biking, squats, push-ups, sit-ups. There are free and Pro versions, more complete, for 5 €.

HDWidget-AppHD Widgets: If you like widgets on your Android device had better look, this is your best option. This widget package (downloaded from the Google Play) has all you need, fully configurable, with very attractive graphics and high fluidity. Costs 2 €.


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