AppBounty : Earn money with playing and downloading applications

AppBountyAppBounty is a mobile application that allows us to make money by downloading apps or playing a little game. These applications can eliminate after we receiving our points. You just have to open them for a few seconds.

What I like about this application is that, unlike FreeMyApps (where only you can redeem points for gift cards to dollar stores in the United States), is available for a few countries and gifts can be exchanged for euro or stores like iTunes.

Earning points AppBounty

Referrals: You gain 250 credits for each valid referral (which are registered with your code earn 50 credits). That amounts to roughly € 0.5 is not bad. To be valid, a referral must download TapBounty (appears in the list of applications to download) and another application.

Downloading applications: When opening the application we have a list of applications available for download. Credits you get for each are indicated. As I said before, we can eliminate our mobile applications after receive the credits. In this application it works pretty well this trick you can see.

Playing: The list of applications appears occasionally some small game that you have to play a few minutes (less than 5) to give you the points.

Contests: We often organize contests on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned. They are normally advertised on the top of the main screen, as you can see in the picture below.


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