Is it possible WhatApp for free forever?

whatsappgrowWhatsApp become a hero app is something important news to hear, but what happens when a simple application becomes one of the media most used by most of the users on the planet. It’s always the same issue, which is WhatsApp payment or not. Whatever else may be said, there will always be someone with an opposing view. Actually, WhatsApp is paid from the beginning, but there are very few Android users who have paid for the service. The question is it possible WhatApp for free forever?

WhatsApp Messenger began as an iPhone app simply pays as it is now. It was a choice by opting users who have hired a data rate and the system saw a way to save. Today it is much more than that is the standard means of communication, is the new “and then talks.” It has definitely killed two systems simultaneously, as has been the SMS and as has been the proper Windows Messenger, but Facebook has also helped the latter. It is a giant killer. But is paid or not? Yes, WhatsApp is chargeable on all operating systems. However, only in the iPhone version of the application paid for at the time of download. On Android and company is not, as the app download is free, and the service is, in theory, free for the first year. Since then, an annual fee to pay. Officially, it is.

WhatsApp Messenger

However, WhatsApp has extended the period of free users so that most users Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian has not ever had to pay for using it. But a few months ago, WhatsApp began to not extend the free period of the system, so that some users said that they had to start paying. It was still uncertain, as there were so few who were in this situation there was no way of knowing whether it was true or if it suddenly occur to all users. As if that was not enough, Line began to gain much strength as the strongest opponent that had risen against WhatsApp. However, a couple of months are what it took to pass the news, and the bulk of users forgetting Line. It is the moment that WhatsApp can start charging again, and this process is one that seems to have started to take place now. Can be achieved WhatsApp free forever? Let’s see what can be done, the current alternatives are:

  1. Pay when prompted

When expired date the service approach, WhatsApp will warn us that we will soon run out to use it, at that moment we can pay to renew for another year, and make sure he does not run out. We can choose to use a credit card through the secure payment system Google Wallet, or even use PayPal, also safe.

  1. Pay on iPhone once and for all

If paid in WhatsApp Android, renew the service for another year. Now, what if you do is buy the iPhone application and then use the number on an Android device? At first, the service passed extended by 10 years. Later, however, has changed to be a lifetime of service. Therefore, if we are going to pay for WhatsApp, try to do it from an iPhone. Using our phone card, we can check with our number on WhatsApp for iPhone, and then back to our Android, so that the subscription period is greater.

  1. Wait for free renewal

Many users are not paying for the renewal of the service when they expired. The situation is simple, WhatsApp warns that your registration will soon expire, and indeed, the moment it does so, rather than being active duty, and can not send messages arrive. However, after a few days, again extended the subscription for free, so you get to keep using the popular communication service without paying.

Do you have some logical situation? Of course you do. Consider what would happen if all the users that the service will expire decided not to pay and seek alternatives. They might find a solution in any other application, or even with more options than WhatsApp, and this began to grow dangerously, capturing all that leaves WhatsApp users. In addition, the opponent would be more dangerous than Line has been, since the fight between these two users could choose to use either. However, if the subscription has expired, you can no longer choose to WhatsApp, but should be mandatory for the alternative.

The American is not interested in this service under any circumstances. Therefore, to avoid leaking user when the subscription has expired and this one does not renew, renew automatically and free of charge after a few days, to avoid so flee for new application.

So these are the three options you can choose if the subscription is going to expire. The last is free and seems to work, but can not guarantee that it will be effective. Posts to pay the second, using the iPhone, is the most recommended, and only in the latter case would pay for another year of WhatsApp, but may choose other ways.


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