Steve Jobs in memories – 16 things of steve jobs at conference

Yes it’s still the moment of remembering Steve Jobs, one of the greatest inventor in Information technology. We know that Steve jobs has lots of beautiful quotes especially when he speech in Stanford at 2005, Many people say have a vision and mission with a thousand slogans and the strains of beautiful sentences but the edges are just an intangible nonsense. Steve’s job a little visionary and courageous people who realize its vision with the evidence and sacrifice. A reflection for us all.

the presentation of steve jobsWell then at this moment we just want to review something about his smart presentation at the conference, In his new book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, communications coach Carmine Gallo and BusinessWeek columnist reveals the techniques that have transformed Apple’s CEO became one of the communicators of the world’s most extraordinary. For more than three decades, Jobs has transformed the launch of the product into an art form. In these notes (taken from a slide show), learn what Steve Jobs did to captivate the audience and how you can use this technique to present the company presentation, service, product, or your own idea.

    Plan in the form of Analog

steve jobs at presentationEvery Steve Jobs presentation has all the elements of a movie box office. Heroes and villains, stunning visuals and a supporting role. And, like a film director, Steve Jobs uses a storyboard to determine the plot presentation. Before you use the use the digital device and open the PowerPoint (or Keynote for Macintosh users), take the time to brainstorm, draw sketches, or use a whiteboard. Remember, the core of your presentation technique is to deliver a story to the audience. Slide only serves to complement your story.

    Focus on Benefits

Your listeners ask themselves one question: why should I care? Steve Jobs sells benefits behind every product or new features – and he explain it very clearly. Why buy an iPhone 3G? Because “the iPhone 3G is twice as fast with half the price.” What is so great on Time Capsule? “All photos, videos, and you are irreplaceable documents are automatically protected and easy to get back if they lost.” Techniques Steve Jobs presentation style is also reflected in the Apple web site that also continues to focus on the benefits for example by displaying the article “10 Reasons why You will Fall In Love On a Mac. “No one concerned with the product or service. They only care about how your product or service will improve their lives

    Selling Dreams, Not Products

steve jobs ipod presentationSteve Jobs does not sell computers. He sold the promise of a better world. In his presentation, Steve Jobs like a true evangelist who is driven by messianic zeal to create new experiences. When Jobs introduced the iPod in 2001, he said, “With our own small way, we will make the world a better place.” When most people see only as a music player iPod, Jobs presented it as a tool to enrich people’s lives. Of course, remains essential to have a great product. But the passion, enthusiasm and sense of purpose that is greater than the actual product will make you and your company stand out from your competitors

    Create a Twitter Friendly Titles

steve jobs presentationCan you describe your product or service in 140 characters? Steve Jobs created the title or description for every product and every title that can easily fit in the Twitter post. For example, when Jobs introduced the MacBook Air in January 2008, he described with the phrase “world’s thinnest notebook.” One sentence that speaks a lot of things. Steve Jobs will give details of its products in his presentation and in the Apple website, but it determines a one-sentence positioning for each product

    Leaders Decide Antagonist

steve jobs and competitorIn the classic stories, the superhero was always fighting with the villains. The same is true in Steve Jobs presentation techniques. In 1984, the villain is IBM, known as “Big Blue”. Before Jobs introduced the famous television commercials in 1984 to a group of Apple’s sales force, it creates a dramatic story around it. “IBM wants it all,” said Jobs. Apple will be the only company that dared to stop him. The story is very dramatic and people become crazy about Apple. Branding expert Martin Lindstrom says that the big brands and religion have something in common: the idea to conquer a common enemy. Creating villain allows the audience to move along the superhero: Your product.

    Draw a road map

Steve Jobs gives the story limit (outline) at the beginning of each presentation. In a music event on September 9, 2009, Jobs told the audience that he will talk about three products: iPhone, iTunes, and iPod. Throughout the presentation he always gave verbal markers to help the audience follow the plot. For example after he finished explaining about the iPhone he said, “iPhone. The first thing I want to talk about today. Now, let’s move on to the second, iTunes. “Verbal marker to keep the listener is on track story.

    Create Slide Visual

Apple products are easy to use because they eliminate the hassle. It is a design philosophy that also applies to any Steve Jobs presentation techniques. No bullet points in his presentation. Conversely Jobs using photos and images. When the average PowerPoint slide has 40 words, it is difficult to find seven words into the Steve Jobs presentation slide 10. Presentation technique is based on the idea that information is more effective in mind when text and images combined. For example, when Steve Jobs unveiled the Macbook Air, an ultra-thin Apple laptop, he displayed a slide showing the pictures go with the Macbook Air fits into a manila envelope. A picture is worth a thousand words. Steve Jobs once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.) Be sophisticated. Take care to keep it simple

    Comply with 10-Minute Rule

The neuroscientist has found that the brain becomes tired after 10 minutes of presentation. In other words, no matter how attractive the speaker, the audience will tend to be neglected after about 10 minutes. Steve Jobs presentation lasts approximately 1.5 hours, but every 10 to 15 minutes, he rested his presentation with video, demonstration or guest speakers. He did not allow time for the listener to become bored. Steve Jobs Presentation Techniques Ala number 8: Comply with 10-Minute Rule.

    Make Figures Being Easy to Imagine

In each of Apple’s presentation, the figures put into context to explain its meaning to the audience. On 9 September 2009, Apple’s vice president Phil Schiller said that 220 million iPods have been sold until then. He put that number into context by saying that it represents 73% of the market. He explains further – while delivering a blow jab at competitors – by saying that Microsoft (MSFT) lags far behind with a market share of only 1% of it. Schiller learn presentation techniques from his boss, Steve Jobs, who always put the figures into a context that is easy to imagine listeners

    Use Simple Words

Steve Jobs described the iPhone 3G speeds on the latest with the word “amazingly zippy.” When most business presenters use words that are too technical, unclear, or confusing, Jobs very simple language. He rarely, if ever, use jargon that covers the core presentations such as “best of breed” or “synergy.” His language is simple, clear and direct. Legendary CEO of General Electric (GE) Jack Welch once said that a manager who feels uncomfortable in his presentation usually creates complexity to play it safe. Exude confidence: simple talk with.

    sharing the Stage

Steve Jobs is synonymous with Apple, but presentation is rarely a one-man show. Jobs has always shared the stage with business partners, musicians, and employees. In October 2008, Jobs invited the head of Apple’s design, Jonathan Ive, to give the audience a tutorial on how Apple created a body of sheet aluminum Apple notebook. Jobs can provide the information itself, but he gave the stage to others who have a role or a unique perspective.

    Use the Viewer Tool

In addition to the visual background / slide presentations are amazing, Steve Jobs uses props to tell stories. After introducing new products or features, Jobs often sit at the computer or take the iPhone and shows how it works. This is a simple demonstration, but often very dramatic. When Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984, he walked into the middle of a dark stage and slowly pull the computer from inside a black bag. He pulled a floppy disk from his pocket, slowly inserted into the computer, and walked away with the computer back to life.

    Plan An Incredible Moment

There is always one moment in Steve Jobs’ presentation is a stunning moment, one part of the presentation that will be talked about by everyone. Moment this is really amazing script prepared in advance. For example when Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air, super-thin laptop from Apple, he took it from the Macbook Air laptop in a paper envelope commonly used in offices to show how thin the laptop. This is a moment in the 2008 Macworld event that is always remembered by everyone.

    Practice. Lots of Practice

Steve Jobs spent many hours to train each aspect of his presentation. Each slide is written with care, each presentation was staged like a theatrical performance. Steve Jobs makes presentations look easy and natural, but it’s brilliant presentation is the result of many hours of grueling practice. I do not believe Steve Jobs is a natural presenter. If you watch a video clip of his presentation 20 years ago, you’ll see that the ability to increase significantly each decade. Steve Jobs in 1984 has a lot of charisma but Steve Jobs in 1997 is a far more polished speaker. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007 even better.

    Wearing the Right Clothes

Steve Jobs might wear a black turtleneck shirt, blue jeans and running shoes because, quite simply, he has reached the position where he has the right to dress as she wants. But Steve Jobs style of dress was also very suitable for every consumer of Apple products: casual and sophisticated. In principle, dress properly and in accordance with your audience. Do not make people turn away from you before you talk just because the way you dress poorly


Steve Jobs makes every presentation looks very nice. At the presentation ceremony in January 2007 Macworld, Jobs presentation tool error that failed to advance the slides. Instead of confusion, Jobs paused for a moment and tell a funny story about a time when he and “Woz” (co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak) to build a device vandals TV signal and have fun disrupt TV signals at Wozniak’s dormitory at UC Berkeley. After the slide presentation was repaired, Jobs continued his presentation as if everything has been planned. He smiled, laughed, and seemed to really enjoy himself on stage.


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