The best twitter apps for Android in 2014

Android is a rather broad ecosystem of options when choosing a specific application to perform a special activity. In case you want to organize your social media in better performance, you want to optimize your sports particular activities or office, you will surely find different alternatives, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Following this line, then you have the best twitter apps for Android in 2014. We are open to hear your views on these or other applications you use every day and you can advise us in the comment area of this article.

The best applications for Android Twitter

Twitter (the original application)

The original and free Twitter app gives you excellent benefits, as in the case of the first to receive any update, before any other. Also, you can manage multiple accounts from the same application, which has a very good flow and fast, allows you to customize notifications and above all, is the application that can introduce excellent experiences like you’re in the web version.

Plume for Twitter

Plume is a Twitter client that has a development that has taken years. Its design is very attractive and can implement categorizing your contacts through colors, whether you mark your friends with one color to another color with your family and more. Also, you can upload your photos to the services of Twitter and other like Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture, among others. Also, you have the option to link your Facebook account to share your content from Plume which is also free.


Falcon for Twitter

Falcon is another new and interesting application you can use to manage your Twitter account. With this application you need only slide your finger from left to right or vice versa, in order to access the different sections as favorites, Profile, interactions, searches, Highlights, among others. You can enter the official site to download the application or access to Google Play and acquire the donation version for USD $ 2.73.


If you own an Android smartphone with few resources, Twicca is your best option to control everything that happens in the social network of Twitter, from a minimalist application. If it is true, in this application you can not find all the features available in others, it becomes an excellent alternative because of the different plug-ins that you can find on Google Play and adapt it to your needs. Moreover, being a minimalist, no overhead Twicca MB on your data plan and you can find for free.


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